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Allons en ville

français 2 Honors
Examen finale:  le 30 janvier 2019
Partie 1 & 2 click HERE

français 2 CTP
Examen finale:  le 31 janvier 2019

C Block 
Partie 1
OWI characters for Listening portion click HERE
See part 2 below

Partie 2
OWI:  You are going to create a new character like the ones we did together in class this semester.

Follow the order below:

  1. Planning/Preparation (to be done in class the day before the exam)
Start your character biography by completing the sentences on CHARACTER PLANNING SHEET attached,  IN FRENCH, then by adding as many details as you can to expand on your language!  You have 5 units of vocabulary lists from this semester to refer to.

  1. Day of the Final Exam

Write your French sentences from the planning sheet on a white lined piece of paper provided to you. Make sure your sentences are double spaced.  

  1. Illustrate.  Choose ONE item below to illustrate your new character:

Draw your character on a piece of white cardstock. After making your initial sketch, use bright colored markers or pencils and be sure to use as many symbols to capture what you have written about your character.


Make an identity box as shown in class by illustrating all sentences from the planning sheet on the four different sides of the box.  Include a gift in the box that your character would like to receive.

Illustrations (whether on paper or box) will be graded on its visual appearance (neatness/color) as well as how symbols reflect all you have written in your character biography.

  1. Attach your handwritten sentences to your drawing / or put inside your box along with your gift.

  1. Object/animal- C’est un(e)_________________(name of object/animal)
  2. Size- Il/elle est _______________(minuscule/très petit/petit/assez/grand/très grand/énorme) comme une ____________________ (as/like a…)
  3. Les Vêtements- Il/elle porte ___________________(describe outfit using Faisons les magasins vocabulary)
  4. Color- Il/elle est _______________(couleur(s)).
  5. Happy or Sad - Il/elle est ___________________(heureux/triste).
  6. Intelligence Level - Il/elle est___________________ (intelligent(e)/pas intelligent(e))
  7. Personality- Il/elle est __________________(give 3 adjectives)
  8. Age and Name - Il/elle s’appelle et il/elle a _____ ans.
  9. Favorite Number and Color- Son numéro favori est et sa couleur favorite est _______________________.
  10. Likes - Il/elle aime____________________ (list a food using Bon Appetit vocabulary and activity).
  11. Dislikes - Il/elle n’aime pas ____________________ (list food and activity).
  12. Hometown - Il/elle habite à ____________________(describe a city using Allons en ville vocabulary and give a description of the house using A la maison vocabulary.
  13. Job - Il/elle travaille comme ___________________(job).
  14. Family - Pour sa famille, il/elle a____________________(list # siblings/family members).
  15. Catch Phrase in French - Il/elle dit…<<_____________________________!>> (B Block - choose a phrase from Le mot du jour and add to it)

OWI Rubrique Examen Finale
francais 2 CTP janvier 2019


20 points
You "weave" those details on your planning sheet  into your product.
Your product shows creativity and new ideas.
You illustrate some details from your planning sheet.
Your product shows some creativity and some new ideas.
Your illustration shows very few details related to the planning sheet.
Your product does not have many new ideas and/or is not very creative.

50 points
Your product shows that you learned new material that you would not have known before.
You use new language that you did not know before this class.
Your product shows that you learned some new material.
You use some new language that you did not know before this class.
Your product shows very little growth in knowledge or language.

50 points
You make very few grammatical mistakes.
Your grammar is excellent for the level you are in.
You may even use advanced grammar.
Your mistakes do not impede comprehensibility.
You make some grammatical mistakes.
Your grammar is good for the level you are in.
Some of your mistakes impede comprehensibility.
You make many grammatical mistakes.
Your mistakes frequently impede comprehensibility.

20 points
You come to class with a completed planning sheet or outline/notes.
You come to class knowing what your character is going to be, but you have very few notes to use.
You come to class with no notes.
You come to class and decide which character you are going to do.

Total points____/140

Allons en ville!

For unit packet, vocabulary list click below:

(Le centre-ville)

To view parts of the film (if you missed lessons in class) sign into your google account and click HERE